Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Gallery - Mustachioed

Sticky Fingers have set a fairly impossible task for us ladies in this week's Gallery challenge.

The theme is Mustachioed and I would think there are few bloggers who could compete with the gentlemen at the World Beard and Moustache Championships which have taken place this week in Norway!

Here is the Tickled Pink attempt, taken on a girly night out last year and modelled by Miss Tickled.

I (Mrs Pink) am now going to run away very fast and hide.

Don't forget to visit the Sticky Fingers blog to see all the other moustaches on display.


  1. Great shot and the look your face is just wonderful. I am following you now. Would love you to check out my new website at and I encourage guest bloggers if that interests you at all

  2. My wife can beat that au natural. I'M JOKING (in case she's reading :). Very funny pic.
    Keith aka Reluctant Housedad

  3. Just so you all know I don't actually look like that anymore... my hair is longer and i've grown out my fringe ;-)

  4. Ha ha! Excellent picture.

    Herding Cats