Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Gallery - April

This is a hard one.  April has been full of so many things.  We have seen the garden come into bloom and the blossom has been spectacular.  And we have had lots of lovely parties and gatherings because of all the Bank Holidays.

Easter was great fun.  My Dad was here and we were all invited to some new friends for an Easter Egg Hunt.  It turned into an all day session, Dad (at 75) putting all of us youngsters to shame! And we played croquet for the first time.  All the children ran and ran until they were shattered, and we had a wonderful time.  I have made more friends here in six months than I did in six years where we used to live.

The Royal Wedding was another excuse for a party, this time at our house.  We had bunting, flags, commemorative gifts, patriotic cakes, the works!  And what a gorgeous occasion it turned out to be.  The bride looked beautiful (although Mr Pink was more taken with her sister), the groom looked handsome in his striking uniform and they both looked utterly and completely in love.

So the choice of a photo is a tricky one this time, but I am plumping for this one.

This is Oscar who belongs to my friend B.  He found the Sticky Ginger Cake that I had made for the Royal Wedding just too tempting and gobbled the whole lot before anyone else had chance to taste it!  Apparently ginger is a great laxative for dogs!!


  1. OH I love sticky giner cake, sounds like you have had a great April

  2. Haha that sounds like something our dogs would do!! Bet he enjoyed the cake :) x

  3. oh no, I hope Oscar had gone back home to your friend before the laxative took effect!!

  4. Hello B here, the owner of the ginger cake thief!

    I just wanted to say thanks a lot to Mrs Pink for publishing this!

    Elle and Belle - yes, Oscar was at home when we discovered the laxative qualities of ginger for dogs! (Actually he wasn't very well at all, I even called the vet to check ginger wasn't toxic for dogs - it isn't!)

    He did make a right 'royal' mess of your rug though didn't he Mrs Pink ?!!

  5. Oh naughty Oscar! I blame the owners...

  6. lol! Reality in the middle of all that pomp and circumstance.
    My try is over at

  7. Oh dear! Anyway sounds like an amazing month that couldn;t be overshadowed even by an opportunist dog.

  8. Thanks for all your comments. We did have a great April, really busy but in a good way.
    MTJAM - yes, I blame the owners too!!